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Brad® M12 Ultra-Lock Connector

Positieve vergrendeling, push-to-lock connectie systeem
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Brad® Ultra-Lock® Connection System
The Fastest, Easiest, Most Secure Connection


Ultra-Lock® connectors incorporate a mechanical locking design and a unique radial-seal that deliver unsurpassed performance.

The patented push-to-lock technology provides a simple and secure operator-independent connection.
This positive locking design provides built-in reliability that eliminates connector related intermittent signals in the harshest environments. Fewer intermittent signals mean less downtime and better productivity.

While the unique radial o-ring seal design, similar to what is found in hydraulic connectors, provides a more robust protection against water ingress even in high-pressure washdown environments.


Ultra-Lock Black 11 4 30




Simply push down to connect...and pull up to disconnect — THAT'S IT. The Ultra-Lock
system reduces installation time by 90% when compared with threaded connectors.


There's no twisting or turning with Ultra-Lock
connectors. That's a big advantage when working
in tight spaces or with blind-mate applications.
The simplicity and ergonomic design also mean
operator fatigue is significantly reduced.


Ultra-Lock connectors are mated with the same, simpte, downward pressure every time an installation is made because of the unique 0-ring seal. This operator-independent, radial seal maintains an IP 67/68/69K watertight connection.


Typical axial compression seals used in threaded connectors are dependent upon how tight the operator makel the connection. The problem is how tight is tight? No two connect-ions are the same without using a torque wrench every time. Ultra-Lock technology takes the guesswork out of connections.




  Cordsets  Field attachable  Receptacles

Single ended Ultra Lock 30

Field attachable Ultra Lock 30 Receptacles Ultra Lock 30
ordsets Receptacles, Field Attachables and Accessories
Available in 3, 4, 5, 8 and 12 poles; in single and dual-key configurations; with or without LEDs; in straight and 90 degrees; and with different coupling nut materials to provide a wide variety of options to meet application requirements Large selection of configurations to fit your panel or device design, including front- and back-panel-mount receptacles in a variety of materials, with PCB or wire leads
Intermates with industry standard M12 devices that comply with IEC 61076-2-101
Epoxy potted receptacles are IP67- and IP68-rated, and are ideal for rugged industrial environments
Gold-over-nickel-plated contacts provide a durable, corrosion-resistant plating that maintains low electrical resistance throughout the life of the connector 3-5p field-attachable connectors with screw-down terminals for easy field installation, allow users to make their own cable assemblies for a custom fit to a machine or application
Patented, anti-vibration feature prevents back-out in applications that experience high vibration and mechanical shock  

Rugged, IP68 rated watertight connector is well suited for harsh, wet environ ments