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Westec - HE/HE-HV for Harsh Environmental Conditions

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This series has been developed for industrial applications exposed to particularly aggressive external agents (e.g. salt atmospheres or ambients). The enclosures of HE-HV series do not have any internal tabs and allow the insertion of the inserts with a rated voltage up to 830V. HE and HE-HV are easily recognizable by the black color of the enclosures.


HE Metal Pic6 - 20 HE Metal Pic3- 23


Characteristics of materials used:

- Die cast aluminium alloy.
- Chromate treated die cast
- Polyester powder coated.
- Gaskets in anti-ageing, oil resistant, grease
resistant and fuel resistant vinyl nitrile
- Monoblock locking device in stainless steel:
levers, springs and pegs.
- Supplementary insulation inside enclosures


HE Metal Pic1- 30

HE Metal Pic2- 35

HE Metal Pic4- 10

    HE Metal Pic5 - 13