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INOXLIFT– stainless steel gas springs

 Need protection against corrosion? We offer you springs made of SAE304 or SAE316L grade stainless steel for superior corrosion protection. It’s the ideal corrosion fighter in wash down areas for the food and packaging industries as well as outdoor environments.

The “Inoxlift” type is the stainless steel made of, our most popular gas spring the “Lift”. 

The most common applications are in the marine/ship building, on medical equipment, chemical and food industries. Basic extras such as various valve systems, protection tubes, special extension speed, special temperature range (up to -45°C or up to +200°C) and special damping are also available for Inoxlift gas springs.

Important Notice

As minor quantities of fluid may leak from gas springs we suggest using food grade lubricating oils in place of industrial grade hydraulic fluids for applications in FOOD and/or MEDICAL industries.

A wide range of size options and alternative end fittings and brackets are available to fulfill your demands for your individual application.

Stainless steel Fam 670


Example of a 6 month old standaard gasspring mounted where a stainless steel version is needed

Verroeste gasveer Pic 300

Verroeste gasveer Pic2 -67 

Verroeste gasveer Pic3 -67

Verroeste gasveer Pic4 -67