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HDN/HDA - Heavy Duty

HDN and HDA Large-bore hydraulic shock absorbers protect equipment from large impacts in applications
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Enidine Heavy Duty Series large-bore hydraulic shock absorbers protect equipment from large impacts in applications such as automated storage and retrieval systems, as well as overhead bridge and trolley cranes. They are available in a wide variety of stroke lengths and damping characteristics to increase equipment life and meet stringent deceleration requirements.

HDN Series

Custom-orifices design accommodates specified damping requirements. Computer generated output performance simulation is used to optimize the orifice configuration. Available in standard bore dimensions of up to 100mm and strokes over 1524mm.

HDA Series

Adjustable units enable the user to modify shock absorber resistance to accommodate load velocity variations, with strokes up to 305mm. Standard adjustable configurations available.





Features and Benefits HDN and HDA

• Designed with Environmentally friendly materials and fluids.
• Compact design smoothly and safely decelerates large energy capacity loads up to 330 000 Nm
• Engineered to meet OSHA, AISE, CMAA and other safety specifications such as DIN and FEM.
• Wide variety of optional configurations including bellows, clevis mounts and safety cables.
• Painted external components provide excellent corrosion protection.
• Epoxy painting and special rod materials are available for use in highly corrosive environments.
• All sizes are fully field repairable
• Piston rod extension sensor systems available for re-use safety requirements.
• Incorporating optional fluids and seal packages can expand standard operating temperature range from -10°C
  to 60°C to -35°C to 100°C


HD Series products are used in the following applications:

• Transportation safety stops
• Ladle transfer cars
• Coil upenders/downenders
• Rolling mill chock separators
• Furnace slab bumpers
• Hot strip mill down-coiler
• Re-heat furnace entry stops
• Gantry/Stacker Cranes
• Trolley platforms
• Large container transfer
• Automated aisle stacker cranes
• Cab operated bridge cranes
• Ship to shore container cranes
• Overhead bridge cranes
• Gantry cranes
• Transportation end stops


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