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OPL/OPLT inflatable plugs

Maintenance of purification networks for wastewater treatment plants or municipalities.
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Inflatable stoppers - OPL series

OPL/OPLT pipe plugsare used for sealing of sewer, water, hydrocarbons and chemical pipes.

Made of high quality rubber and vulcanized in a autoclave, they are the perfect pipe sealing solution.
OPL/OPLT can be used either to stop the pipe flow during maintenance operation or to seal a new installed pipe for air tightness tests.

Always concerned by operaters safety and products reliability, OPL/OPLT are designed with the latest technology
and best performances materials.

They are available in both blocking or bypass plugs


• Waterproof tests

• Cleaning operation

• Temporary and permanent

• Maintenance operation

• Conduct leak tightness tes

ORJ draw 30


• Covers several diameters

• Robust frame

• Rapid installation

• Excellent back-pressure resistance

• Bypass option

• Resistant to chemicals

Vari-Plug  30



• 10 m compressed air line, ¼ "Gconnection with 0 to 6 bar
   pressure gauge, a ¼ turn tap and couplings to generate a
   connection with compressor to manual pump.

• Semi-rigid connection between mini bellows and the
   connection coupling for hard-to-reach places.

• Dubble bypass only for air testing

Variplug with accessories 30

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