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During the conduct of trenching or excavation works on site, it is essential to ensure the safety of operators.
As works of this type involve risks of collapse and burial, Article R4534-24 of the French Code of Labour requires that vertical-walled trenches of depth exceeding 1.30m should be shored or braced


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SMARTSHORE®, a shoring system developed by PRONAL, reinforces the walls of trenches and ensures the complete safety of operations. This new technology replaces the use of conventional shoring, which is cumbersome to handle and install, particularly for trenches of limited depth.

TheSMARTSHORE® system involves a twin-walled rubber-coated construction, finished by hot vulcanization, and the inflatable shields are resistant to impacts, abrasion and tearing.

The design of inflatable shields and their accessories allows the system to be installed horizontally or vertically, while guaranteeing the maximum level of safety. In case of landslip, the only use of struts (obligatory) will allow the system to retain earth for several minutes thereby allowing the operator to climb out of the trench in complete safety. For safety reasons, cushions cannot be linked to each other.

Thanks to the low weight of inflatable shields (13kg), the SMARTSHORE® system can be installed in 20 minutes, and requires no lifting gear. Given the low weight and limited footprint of the inflatable shields, this shoring system can be easily transported from one site to another in a light vehicle.


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