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Savatech lateral packers are suitable for repairs of pipes of smaller diameters, especially in house connection installations. These packers are rounded on both ends in order to simplify handling and insertion. They are equipped with quick action couplings.

Lateral packers 


The ends of Medusa packers are made from special and extremely flexible soft rubber, which simplifies handling of the packer in narrow spaces. Since the packer end can be pushed closer to the pipe edge, T-connection pipe repairs are more efficient.

Medusa packers


The unique construction and excellent choice of rubber compounds for Savatech packers HPT90° allow efficient repairs of 45°, 60° and 90° pipeline bends. The rigid parts of Savatech packers HP-90° are made as short as possible in order to ease insertion and pulling the packers through pipeline bends.
90 packer


Savatech fle xible PACKERS are suitable for patch repairs ranging from 1 up to 5 meters. They are equipped with a bypass and wheel system that allows positioning along the pipeline. They can easily bend and fit through the manholes.

Flexible packers


Savatech LONG PACKERS are suitable for repairs of pipes of diameters from 200 up to 800 mm. Long packers are available with or without a wheel system. They are perfect for experienced users when a bypass is not needed.

Long packers


Savatech SHORT PACKERS have a replaceable double-layer rubber sleeve mounted on a PPH core. Such a design allows the maximum possible bypass. They are equipped with wheels and are up to 1 m long.

Short packers


Savatech T PACKERS are intended for repairs of connections between the main and the lateral pipes. They exploit the advantages of flexible packer’s design and are additionally equipped with a special inflation port in the middle section. This allows mounting of a specially designed hat, which is inflated independently of the main packer.

T packers


Savatech HEATING Pac kers have a built-in heater for a fully controlled hardening process - high quality and unique in the world. This packer is equipped with an internal heater that allows you to fully control the hardening process of your pipe repair, irrespective of the outside temperature.

Heating packers


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