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The Landon Kingsway range of free-fall fire valves provide a compact, leak-proof positive action mechanism that canbe installed in either horizontal or vertical pipe runs on oil or any non-aggressive media.

The free-fall linkage allows the weight to start to fall before it is required to move the valve lever. This makes sure that the weight achieves sufficient momentum.


Screw Type Fire Valve Sets


Technical Specification

• Material Cast Iron, painted red.

• Maximum Pressure 14 Bar (200psi)

• Standard Cable 9m

• Fusible Link 71°C as standard

• Valve Rotation 90° (¼ turn)

• Screwed Spec BSP parallel

• Weights Available 2.25, 4.5, 6.8kg

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Landon Kingsway application sketch



   Free Fall Fire Valve Accessories

 Fire Valve Parts

Replacement Kit containing our most popular components.

 Fire Valve Parts (Bag contains assorted fittings)

Manual Quick Release Mechanisms

The Manual Quick Release Mechanism is designed
for use with our free-fall fire valves. The steel cable
from the valve is looped around the pulley and is
released if the button is pressed allowing the valve
arm to fall.

 Free- Fall Manual quick release Mechanism Picture 20

Electromek MK11

The Electromek is a manual quick release mechanism that also contains a pair of change-over contacts that operate either when the button is pushed or when the cable goes slack for any other
reason (such as a thermal link melting). The electrical contacts may be used to sound an alarm, de-activate equipment or send a signal to a fire control panel.

Technical Specification

• Enclosure Diecast Aluminium Alloy
• Dimensions 131 x 172 x 102mm overall
• Fixing Centres 4 holes, Ø4mm
• Protection Rating IP52
• Switch Rating 250V AC, 5A
• Wire Size 2.5mm² max
• Conduit Connection 2x 20mm E.T.
• Pressure to release 40N approx.
• Min plunger loading 23N minimum
• Weight 1.4kg

 Electromek MK11 Picture 19
Valve Mounted Mercury Switches
The Landon Kingsway mercury switches are designed to be used in conjunction with our Free-Fall Fire Valves to provide position sensing or to cut power to oil burner pump motors in the event of a fire.

The unit is available in both a single and three-phase style although the three connections on the threephase version could be used to control three singlephase devices. Both versions contain contacts that remain closed while the valve is in its' normal state (one contact on the single phase, 3 on the 3-phase) and a separate normally open contact that is suitable for sounding an alarm as it closes if the valve lever drops.

Free-Fall Linkage Valve with Mounted Mercury Switch Picture 25

Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism
The Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism MKI is designed to provide a simple electro-mechanical release mechanism for gravity-operated devices such as the Landon Kingsway free fall fire valve.

The system consists of a steel cable wound around a drum with a solenoid arranged so that when energised the drum is locked in place. If the electrical supply to the solenoid is interrupted then the solenoid latch releases the drum and the weight of the attached load causes the cable to unwind.

The MKII unit is as above but incorporates two switched power outputs, one normally on and turns off, the other is normally off and turns on in the event of an emergency.

Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism Picture 25

Langdaon Kingsway MK2 application sketch
Fusible Links

Available in:

71°C - 92°C - 104°C - 127°C - 143°C - 180°C

 Fusible Links


 Stainless Steel Cable

Technical Specification

Available in lengths:

9mtrs - 30mtr - 150mtr - 300mtr - 760 mtrs

Stainless Steel Cable


 Special Linkages for Low Level Installation

Available for Valve Sizes

25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm
100mm, 125mm, 150mm

 Special Linkages for Low Level Installation

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