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ERD Motor & Screw Driven Rod-Style Actuator

ERD economical rod-style actuator
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The ERD is an economical rod-style actuator designed as an alternate to pneumatic cylinders and an option for automating manual processing. Combined with Tolomatic's ACS stepper drive/controller, an extremely easy-to-use and cost effective actuator control solution is created.

The ERD, with two different stainless steel options, is the industry's first ever cataloged all stainless-steel electric actuator family intended for washdown environments.

 ERD Family 30ERD Family3 - 30

The ERD electric actuator offers these features

•   6 body sizes - nus size 06 - 30mm
•   Ball or Acme screw choices

•   Force / thrust capabilities up to 2.500 N

•   Stroke lengths configurable up to 600 mm

•   Guide / Anti-rotate option

•   Stepper Drive / Controller & Motor solutions

•   IP67 option

•   All Stainless Steel body construction with protective motor enclosure

•   USDA approved hygenic option
ERD usca 2 30



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